Happy CanCo de Mayo! 🎺🥁

Hey Canners, welcome to our 29th #ToucanTuesday article 😱 We’ve been busy building, but we have a few exciting updates to announce 📣 We’re excited about the future, and we’ll be trickling this info weekly, so keep your eyes peeled 👀

Let’s get go the secondary market stats, its been a crazy week 😝:

Floor Prices:
TwoCan2️⃣: 69420 $ONE
Diamond Beak💎: 4444 $ONE
Gold Beak🥇: 1250 $ONE
Alien👽: 338 $ONE
Zombie🧟: 200 $ONE
Skeleton💀: 120 $ONE
B&W⚫️: 142 $ONE
Crown👑: 970 $ONE
Monocles🧐: 161.66 $ONE

Marketplace Stats 📈:
Sales: 1231 OneCans
Listings: 335
Volume: 182.06k $ONE/ 29.5k USD
Floor Price: 95 $ONE

Floor price is up ANOTHER 20% this week (after going up 23% last week), meaning floor is up nearly 50% over the past 2 weeks 🙀 Not only is floor price up, we’ve had over 26000 $ONE is volume this week (worth roughly 260 mints) 👍 Not only has there been a massive number of sales, there have also been large buys, including a TwoCan for 12000 $ONE, and a couple of Diamond Beaks for over 3000 $ONE each 😈 Whales are active, it’s only a matter of time that people see this an want to join the OneCan Fam 🦜

Testing the new game updates:
Now that we have the dev team onboarded, we’ve been focusing on implementing new features in-game, as well as developing our first mini games 👏

We’ve been testing our new “sprint” animation, audio when interacting with an NPC, and many other game upgrades 🎮 Below you can see the “sprint” animation, which is where your Can will fly 😉

New Sprint Animation

These upgrades should make overall user experience better when exploring the map, as well as make games such as tag a little more fun 😸

Honestly Canner, we could tell you about all the exciting things we’re releasing, but we think it would be fun to just release things, so just be vigilant, and keep up with our releases: You will NOT regret it ❤️

We kept this one concise and mysterious, so we’re gonna get to work, and get back to you VERY soon with some exciting updates ❤️ 👐

Links to OneCan Media:
Talk Harmony



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OneCans is a set of 10,000 randomly generated NFT’s housed on the Harmony chain that aims to decrease the price for entry into the NFT collection space.