OneCans take flight to the Peninsula ✈️

Hey Canners 👋 Welcome to our 41st #ToucanTuesday 👏 We’ve got a few cool updates to give you guys this week, such as new map artwork and progress on other fronts, but before we get to those, lets cover the NFTKey stats 🔑

Secondary Market Stats

Floor Prices:
TwoCan2️⃣: N/A (None listed 👀)
Diamond Beak💎: 3900 $ONE
Gold Beak🥇: 1800 $ONE
Alien👽: 260 $ONE
Zombie🧟: 150 $ONE
Skeleton💀: 150 $ONE
B&W⚫️: 249.69420 $ONE
Crown👑: 1000 $ONE
Monocles🧐: 351 $ONE

Marketplace Stats 📈:
Sales: 1586 OneCans
Listings: 191
Volume: 265.84k $ONE/ 32.24k USD
Floor Price: 110 $ONE

Canners, we finally did it… the number of OneCans on the secondary market has gone below 2% of the total supply (1.91% to be specific)👀 Floor prices have crept up (Crowns back at 1000 $ONE 👀), we’re holding the floor with confidence, and there are more deals than ever available on NFTKey 😊

Now, lets get onto the more fun parts of the article 🔥

New Map Artwork

We’ve been talking about the new custom art map going live for the past couple of weeks, but this week we’re gearing up to officially launch it 👏

This will be the next release for The Island, which will be followed up by updates to gameplay (Did someone say mini games? 👀) As well as new NPC’s with never-before-seen lore and storylines in the following weeks 😵

Can you guess what this guy does for work?

The rollout has been slower than anticipated, but we truly believe that slow and steady wins the race, and we will be extensively testing every release before it goes live (even though you guys are our beta testers 😉)

The minigames are being tweaked, the character lore is finalized, we’re just piecing everything together 😎

Once again, we want to thank the OneCan Fam for their relentless support and patience in these times, it really allows our team to focus on making the best game we could possibly make ❤️


This was another shorter article, but we announced the new custom map releasing some time this week barring unforeseen issues 👀 We love the OneCan Fam, and as Jena always says, don’t fade the OneCans, its a losing bet 😈

Well Canners, we gotta go, the beach needs to be set up 🏃

Links to OneCan Media:
Talk Harmony



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OneCans is a set of 10,000 randomly generated NFT’s housed on the Harmony chain that aims to decrease the price for entry into the NFT collection space.