The Big Three-Oh (30th TT) 👏

Hey Canners, welcome to our 30th #ToucanTuesday article 🎊 We’ve been updating the community for 30 weeks in a row 👏 We wouldn’t be here without you guys constantly showing loyalty and support, so we truly want to thank you guys for everything ❤️ We know the ecosystem has been scary over the past week, but have comfort knowing we are working hard in the background, as we have said many times, we will be building, bear or bull 😎

Preface: Take Care of Yourself
Normally we would jump straight into the secondary market numbers, but we wanted to clarify something: With the uncertainty in the web3 space right now, make sure you take care of yourselves, and to the best of your ability, get yourselves in a comfortable position.

Things might get rough, but we’ve set ourselves up in a way that we can build no matter the market condition. If you find yourself in a rough position, please message any member of the OneCan core team, we’re here to support each other in these hard times. Just remember, after the storm, the sun will shine again ⛅️

Secondary Market Stats:
Now, lets get to the NFTKey secondary market stats 🔑:

Floor Prices:
TwoCan2️⃣: 17500 $ONE
Diamond Beak💎: 4444 $ONE
Gold Beak🥇: 1250 $ONE
Alien👽: 260 $ONE
Zombie🧟: 156 $ONE
Skeleton💀: 144 $ONE
B&W⚫️: 142 $ONE
Crown👑: 970 $ONE
Monocles🧐: 161.66 $ONE

Marketplace Stats 📈:
Sales: 1244 OneCans
Listings: 350
Volume: 183.43k $ONE/ 29.61k USD
Floor Price: 80 $ONE

Prices are holding very well for such a turbulent market 😄 A second TwoCan has been listed below CubezSunrises’ price of 69420 $ONE 💙 The number of listed birds still remains low, just 3.5% of supply, meaning people are holding onto those Cans even with current market conditions ☁️

Upcoming releases:

We know we’ve been teasing on future releases here, we want to expand a little on our future plans 🗻

In-game Economy — Tokenomics:
We’ve been doing extensive research on previous game-fi project token releases, including their initial sale, general price action, and current price points 📈 If you’ve been on the discord recently, you’d know our opinions on token releases before any real use-cases 🙅‍♀️

We were going to expand on our research and ideas here, but we’ll be releasing a dedicated article outlining our choices soon

In-game Economy — Resources:
Our goal was to have an immersive economy, more closely relating to economies we see in classic video games, or even comparable to real life 💱 The backbone of The Island’s economy will be the useable in-game resources. Read the independent “Island Economy” document for more specifics 📄

Cave Plots:
We just wanted to throw this here so you guys know these are coming very soon… We wont be expanding JUST yet 👀

In-game Mechanics:
The new Sprint animation, as well as the ability to choose your OneCan character are still being tested, and will be opened to the public very soon 👏

Custom Art Map:
The custom artwork for The Island has been completed, the map is nearly built, and will be a big step for the project. Once this is live, all things related to OneCans will be custom, and made in house, something were very proud of 🙌

Example of the custom art map

To finish off our 30th #ToucanTuesday article, we want to reiterate the fact that the OneCan community’s support has been crucial in keeping us on track ❤️ We have put ourselves in a position to keep building no matter market conditions, and we look forward to being around for the next few hundred #ToucanTuesdays 😉

Now were off to build, see ya’ll on the discord 🏃

Links to OneCan Media:
Talk Harmony




OneCans is a set of 10,000 randomly generated NFT’s housed on the Harmony chain that aims to decrease the price for entry into the NFT collection space.

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OneCans is a set of 10,000 randomly generated NFT’s housed on the Harmony chain that aims to decrease the price for entry into the NFT collection space.

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