The Island is taking shape

Hey OneCanners, welcome to our third official #ToucanTuesday announcement! This week we’ll be giving you more peaks of The Island🏝️, as well as providing a little update on our crazy week!

So, first, Harmony One has experienced a load of new traffic with the coin exploding in price!📈 We have added over 50 members to the discord over the past week (Up 20% in a week!)👪, as well as nearly 900 minted ‘Cans!

As we speak, there have been nearly 6600 OneCans minted, meaning that there is only 1/3 of the OneCans supply left to be minted, which should last no longer than a few weeks 🎉.

Now that the updates on the numbers is done, this is likely what most of you are here for, which are the updates on The Island🏝️.

The Island’s use cases are still to be announced, but here are some more sneak peaks on the current sketches we have for parts of The Island:

I wonder what this is the entrance to? 🤔

Along with this entrance, there is a sneak peak of another area:

I wonder what this is…?

Yes, there will be ownable properties on The Island, but that’s the only information we will be giving right now 🤫.

Thank you for reading our #ToucanTuesday update, and we’ll see you guys in the discord!

Links to OneCan Media:

OneCans is a set of 10,000 randomly generated NFT’s housed on the Harmony chain that aims to decrease the price for entry into the NFT collection space.