The Plane Has Landed 🛬🏖️

Hey Canners 👋 Welcome to our 42nd #ToucanTuesday 😵 There is a cool new update later in the article (you gotta scroll down to see 👀), but before we get to it, lets cover the NFTKey stats 🔑

Secondary Market Stats

Floor Prices:
TwoCan2️⃣: N/A (None listed 👀)
Diamond Beak💎: 8888 $ONE
Gold Beak🥇: 1800 $ONE
Alien👽: 350 $ONE
Zombie🧟: 215 $ONE
Skeleton💀: 150 $ONE
B&W⚫️: 144 $ONE
Crown👑: 1000 $ONE
Monocles🧐: 351 $ONE (Only 3 listed 👀)

Marketplace Stats 📈:
Sales: 1591 OneCans
Listings: 200
Volume: 266.88k $ONE/ 32.26k USD
Floor Price: 85 $ONE (Only 2 below mint 😉)

As was expected with all the unfortunate news in the ecosystem, the secondary markets were a tad slow this week 🐢 A couple Cans are listed for absolute steals, but those will not be scooped by the team, and will hopefully provide some new Canners cheap entry points 🙌

Besides the floor Cans, the rarer OneCans are actually increasing in price 💸 Diamond beaks are being delisted left and right, and they are NOT being re-listed 👀 this is a good turning point, for more diamond handed Canners to join the OneCan Fam ❤️

New Map Who Dis?

After a little delay (And a TON of technical issues later), the new custom-art map will be launched tomorrow! 👏 👏 👏

This first version of the map will be quite basic, and updates will be regularly made to it 🌀 This map will first include two foundational characters to the Peninsula of VolCan’s lore, you’ll just have to visit The Island to find out who 👀

We made it 👏

We also added the animations for sprinting in ALL directions now, but we didn’t think that deserved its own section 😉


This week’s article is quite short, mostly because were trying our hardest to get this stuff out before the end of the day 😉 We hope the Canners have a positive and fulfilling week, and keep your eyes open for events on The Island starting soon 🌴 🏄

Well Canners, we gotta go, we’re getting burnt on The Island! 🏃

Links to OneCan Media:
Talk Harmony



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OneCans is a set of 10,000 randomly generated NFT’s housed on the Harmony chain that aims to decrease the price for entry into the NFT collection space.