This Economy is so CanFusing 😵

4 min readMay 24, 2022


Hey Canners 🐃 Welcome to the 32nd #ToucanTuesday 😄 This week, we’ll update you guys on the mini-games, in-game economy, and the upcoming Cave Plot launch 🐵 These things have been rolling out slowly to the public because we are taking our time to make sure every single point and choice is thought through and justified 💪

Before we get to the meat of the article, lets cover the NFTKey stats 🔑:

Secondary Market Stats:

Floor Prices:
TwoCan2️⃣: 17500 $ONE
Diamond Beak💎: 4444 $ONE
Gold Beak🥇: 1049 $ONE
Alien👽: 440 $ONE
Zombie🧟: 189 $ONE
Skeleton💀: 148 $ONE
B&W⚫️: 145 $ONE
Crown👑: 480.69 $ONE
Monocles🧐: 161.66 $ONE

Marketplace Stats 📈:
Sales: 1310 OneCans
Listings: 339
Volume: 191.85k $ONE/ 30.03k USD
Floor Price: 99 $ONE

Coming out of these past few “fun” weeks, the floor prices look great ❤️ All special Cans’ floor’s (besides the Aliens) have risen between 10–50%, and we’ve reached over $30,000 USD in secondary sales 👏 This is a large milestone for our project, and we’re just starting 😎

On top of the solid floors for the ‘Cans, there is still less than 3.5% of the supply listed, which is a figure that has been held now for over 5 weeks 👀 This, along with over 1300 sales (meaning ~13% of supply has exchanged “hands”) is a very good signal for how loyal our community is 🎂

Now that we’ve covered these bullish stats, lets move onto the meat 😜 🍖


The ideas for mini-games were presented to the community alongside the closed beta, and we want to update the community on our progress 👍

Our idea is to release two mini-games in quick succession, one single player mini-game, and one multiplayer/party mini-game, where you can play with up to 3 friends 🏃

These games are almost finished, but as we typically do, we’re going to withhold some of the information to keep you guys on your toes 😉 Below we’ve included some of the earlier concept art from the single player mini-game 🎮

In-game economy:

We’ve been working tirelessly planning and simulating the in-game economy to assure proper balancing 💁 We’ve planned out the different Cave Plots depths, potential production types for each plot, and the prices for each resource 💸

This, alongside the craftable items, must all be balanced so that any Canner with a land plot can realistically create some in-game NFT in a reasonable period of time, no matter the number of Cave Plots they have, or their quality.

In-game items/NFTs:

Many of the in-game items in the first round of releases will be items to place on your Land Plot, which will be an ability added in the near future 🌕 We’ve included some of the concept art for the different tiers of chairs craftable with resource tokens below:

Cave Plots:

As mentioned above, the specifics for Cave Plots are nearly all planned out, allowing us to launch our Cave Plots in the next few weeks 👀

The reason this is taking us a little while to launch is because we want to make this launch perfect, and have utility from day one, so that you guys are not stuck holding NFTs with the promise that utility will come in the future 💪

The coordination between the art team, dev team, and marketing team, all while planning the release schedule, proved to be much more time consuming than we initially envisioned 😝

The Cave Plots will not be simply fair launched, but specifics won’t be released until closer to the mint date, so that we can give an edge to our most loyal supporters with the alpha we’ve been dropping in AMAs, Discord chat, etc. 😉


We’ve given over 200 of you access to our incredibly early beta of the game, something that we believe was a first in the Harmony ecosystem at the time 1️⃣ We believe the Cave Plot functionality paired with the in-game economy will be infinitely more exciting. We will continue to blaze the trail for GAME-fi in this ecosystem, on our mission to become the social epicenter of the Harmony blockchain 😎

It was great talking to you Canner, now we really gotta get back to this economy 😉 🏃

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OneCans is a set of 10,000 randomly generated NFT’s housed on the Harmony chain that aims to decrease the price for entry into the NFT collection space.