Toucan… Wednesday?

Hi OneCanners! Welcome to the 7th #ToucanTuesday, except this one is on a Wednesday 😂. Our development team has been very busy getting our project together, and possibly planning a trip to a certain convention 👀.

We’ve reached 6767 mints, which is a nice repeating number 😉. The OneCans community is holding strong, and allowing us to sit tight and build our next steps🛠👷️!

The Island is in the final steps, the art is finalized, and we’re onto the development of the website 🤯. The finalized artwork is to be shown, but our team has decided to leave most of the art as a wow factor for when the project does launch 😀.

We’re also excited to announce that the core OneCans team will be travelling to crypto and web3 event of the year: Day One in San Francisco! The team will be there for the event on the 8th of December, and there may be incentives to come meet us in person 👀.

Our update this week is short, but this is because we’re preparing all things for takeoff! We have an exciting couple of weeks ahead, and we want to thank the OneCan fam for having our backs during this process, we couldn’t do it without you guys!💖💖💖

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